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On signing up as a new user, if my password meets the Password strength criteria, do not show the red X until I enter characters into the second box

Some feedback from a customer when a new users as attempting to signup:

"When you set up an account you have to enter a password and then confirm it. The issue is when you enter the first password, it shows up red, with a little x next to it, as if you haven't met the standard. As it turns out, this happens even if you do have the right number and type of letters, etc. It turns green once you enter the matching, confirmation password. Ideally, it would be green and then the second one would turn green once it matches."
The logic could be updated on this but why not just remove the second "Confirm Password" field. People don't really mess their passwords that much and the second box really just increases friction for the user signing up. 
Instead we would opt for one Password entry box and an ability to Mask/Unmask it. 
  • Jesse Miller
  • Jun 6 2016
Idea Type Preserving
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